Friday, March 29, 2019

Lots of new things to Go at ...

The Go work is marching on, with the occasionally publicly publishable parts, the most recent of which are:

  • ANGoLS (Algorithms Not found in Go Language Standard library) first release to the world;
  • STEGoL (Simple Testing Enhancements for Go Language) first release to the world;
  • CLASP.Go v0.14.2, much improved and working seamlessly with libCLImate.Go, of which:
  • libCLImate.Go v0.4.1, again much improved.
ANGoLS and STEGoL are new, and so are suffering from the Matt Wilson-disease of poor/missing documentation, but CLASP.Go and libCLImate.Go are now replete with information and examples. Checkout them out. Feedback welcomed.

Watch this space - and the Synesis Twitter and Synesis GitHub accounts - for more Go stuff in the coming weeks. libpath.Go and recls.Go are imminent. Pantheios.Go will be released by mid-year. (And there'll likely be plenty of webservice-related libraries, too, given that's the current focus of Go development here ...)

Monday, March 18, 2019

A bunch of CLASPs

CLASP - Command-Line Argument Sorting and Parsing - is a suite of libraries for sophisticated parsing of command-line arguments and presenting the parsed elements - flags, options, values - in a usable form. The original C/C++ library was released in 2011; variants for other languages have been released from time to time since.

Of necessity (but also enjoying it), currently I'm building systems in a bunch of different technologies, including GoJavascript (NodeB), Python, and Ruby. As such, I have new/updated versions of the CLASP variants for these languages:

Each of the newly-released projects - Go, js, Python - contains  (on GitHub) an file, with links to examples. CLASP.Ruby will provide examples in a forthcoming release.